Electrolux Flow A3 Air Purifier

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Model:  FA31-202GY

Product Specification

• Product Dimension : 240W x 380H x 240D mm
• Display Type : Touch UI
• Voltage : 220V/60Hz
• Weight : 2.7Kg
• Noise Level : 26 - 48 dBa
• Fan Speed : 3
• Maximum Area Served : 26 sqm
• Filtration : 3 Stages
• CADR Clean Air Delivery Rate : 203 m3/h
• Color : Light Gray


Responsive to your needs

The Flow A3 uses laser particle sensors to evaluate air quality and automatically adjusts fan speeds as conditions change. This means that you can enjoy cleaner air without worrying about adjusting settings.

Efficient and thorough filtration

Flow A3 is equipped with a multi-stage filter that captures micro-dust(i.e. PM 2.5), odours(I.e. Acetaldehyde) and harmful airborne substances (i.e. Formaldehyde) and lets you know in 2 stages of alert when the filter needs replacement.

*estimated filter lifetime is up to 6 months depending on usage.

 Powerful yet smooth air circulation

The spiral outlet creates a robust whirl of cleaner air that circulates the air in the room efficiently and reaches within an area of 26 m2** (based on Japan's JEM 1467 regulations of air changes per hour).
**room size with a CADR for smoke of 203 m3 / hour and with the upward motion.

Efficiently quiet

Made to fit smaller rooms, Flow A3 has a minimum noise level of just 26dB(A)*** when used in Sleep Mode function. Even at maximum speed the noise level is 48dB(A).
***measured 1m on top of the product.


Intuitive and accessible

The Flow A3's simple and intuitive touch UI makes interaction easy to adjust air quality levels you desire.


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